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Regulators, Companies & Corporations envisage the following benefits:

• Senior Management and Board expertise
• Face to face training for fitness to practise panellists
• Fitness to practise and regulatory expertise
• Progression of backlogs, blocked or slow investigations
• Expert systemic and individual case reviews
• Regulatory, civil and criminal legal expertise
• Inspirational coaching and mentoring to their managers, teams and individuals
by an NLP certified trainer with the Society of NLP (Licence 116956)

Experience shows that Individuals benefit from:

• Mentoring and Coaching
• Improvements in confidence and performance in all walks of life
• Overcoming mental blocks and fears


Barry Baines is an inspiring lawyer and businessman who undertakes senior management assignments in the public and private sectors as well as making himself available for individual executive, personal and sports coaching and private consultations.

He founded, developed and managed a substantial business in legal services with a turnover of £millions.

Great demand has led to him undertaking numerous assignments particularly for major public sector organisations including risk assessment reports, face to face training for fitness to practise panellists, training regulation officers and appointing external inspectors, repairing and renewing broken processes, providing expert case analysis and advice and reducing backlogs as well as mentoring, coaching and managing executives and other individuals.

As a Solicitor Advocate in England & Wales, and an Attorney at law for the State of New York, he displays enormous hands-on knowledge of professional regulation as well as extensive experience of the court structure in England & Wales and the European Court of Justice including most judicial and quasi-judicial tribunals to add to his wide and detailed involvement in the British parliamentary process and the prosecution of crime.

Corporate and Individual clients know that the sooner they engage Barry Baines the sooner they will achieve their objectives.

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